Preserving Places And Our Cultural Heritage For Future Generations

For countries and cities which have a blossoming culture and future, it is important that governments and local councils understand the effect that has on existing heritage. Especially so when many of the central areas are drawing populations in to either live around them or as a factor of tourism.

The main project we seek to influence on a global scale is that of preserving places. Places and spaces which are dear to our hearts, vital to the economy but aspects of culture and a distant past which need to be kept in perfect condition for future generations. Through a variety of tried and tested case studies we are able to provide governments and interested parties with a path to reconfirming their heritage and historical centres. Either through neglect or loss of symmetry or local building works, it is horrifying how quickly one decision can be a detrimental effect on place of historical interest.

Whether you are charged with the protection and oversight of landmarks such as those in Barcelona with art and Roman artefacts dotted around an ever burgeoning urban environment. Or a rural area like a forest, woodland or Machu Picchu and a site which may be threatened with new homes, mining or rail road or motorway. Decision made today, effect these sites immediately.

Naturally no one is going to build a road through Machu Picchu, but can you say the same for other sites around the world? Can war break out and see vital historic monuments destroyed? Can Barcelona's antiquities suddenly be built upon under a change of government?

Preserving places is about planning in advance, to put a halt to any such thinking of building on top or in the surrounding area. Considering both rural and urban conservation with tourism policies in order to propose best practices and sustainability guidelines. There are many beautiful aspects and features in our cities and they should be kept in situ for future generations. The many case studies have provided us with an insight into how quickly decisions can be detrimental to an area of conservation and we aim to assist in ensuring all are brought to account before any heresy against heritage occurs.

Cultural heritage is of the utmost important, it drives tourism and is constant revenue stream year after year. It's a learning point for your own citizens and through our preserving places program, we can advise local authorities, tour operators and citizens as to the value our local heritage which is much vaunted across the world.

  • Building Preservation

    A lot of historical locations suffer damage at the hands of visitors, so governing bodies will typically put into place a building preservation policy. This is where construction engineers are employed to maintain and structurally reinforce existing structures in order preserve them for years to come.

  • Holiday Destinations

    Often times what makes up some of the better holiday destinations are places which are rich in architectural history. When you combine this with a thriving modern day city it can be a great experience to visit a place like Shanghai, London, or Egypt.